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"The Professional Imaging Choice for Professional Photographers"


Portrait Express began in 1981 in Silverton, Oregon. Over the years we have evolved to become a recognized leader in high quality imaging and photographic processing for the professional photographer.

Our partnership with independent professional photographers stretches across the United States and Canada.  Portrait Express has grown with the industry by anticipating and responding to the changing needs and requirements of the professional photographer. We take pride in our continual commitment to improve our technology, service and quality levels. 

The Portrait Express team has fully embraced the digital transition in our industry.  We have upgraded equipment, developed new digital products, and improved the workflow process for professional photographers.  Our customers have come to rely on our photographic expertise and technology to enhance their business and profits. 

Portrait Express’ success through the years has been built on solid business partnerships with our professional photographers.  These business relationships are based on two-way communication and effective listening, responsive decisions by knowledgeable people, as well as investment in state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Our steadfast commitment to deliver fast, dependable and friendly service has not wavered in our history.  The Portrait Express professional photographers and their customers are never disappointed in the quality products we produce or in the manner we deliver them.


What our clients are saying about us!


“Today I do more photography and selling for my school photography business than I have in years.  I attribute that to my partnership with Portrait Express. I photograph my subjects and Portrait Express does the rest.  What a great deal.” 


“I was reluctant to take the plunge into photographing my school & sport subjects digitally, but the Portrait Express team was extremely helpful in this transition.  They provided me with direction and guidance, digital education, and also developed digital products I could sell to my customers.  Now my business runs smoothly and is more profitable than it’s ever been.  Portrait Express is exactly what my photography business needed!”


“I have used many labs over the years with varied success.  As my photography business began its digital migration, it was important to find a solid imaging partner. . . an imaging lab that would help me stay ahead of the digital curve.  I found it with Portrait Express.  Their knowledgeable and helpful team makes my lab experience a positive one and business relationship I rely on.” 


“Now that I photograph digitally, I want to take advantage of the digital products and workflow available to a photographer who shoots 100% digitally.  I did not have to look too far; Portrait Express was my imaging ticket.  Their tools, products, and 'can do' attitudes make my business life easier.”


“Thanks to Portrait Express, I am really busy during my photography seasons. . .  busy with profitable activities, not busy work.”