Portrait Express is a full service imaging lab for professional school and sports photographers. You capture the images and Portrait Express takes care of the rest. We handle everything from data entry, color correcting and cropping to packaging and shipping for our clients. We believe that you as a professional photographer can be much more effective by spending the majority of your time photographing and selling, not as a data entry clerk for the lab.

Today, many labs are pushing new tasks onto the photographers that once were the responsibility of the lab. The end result is that the photographer spends more time on the computer than in front of the customer. This can have a disastrous outcome for a professional photographer and his or her business.

At Portrait Express, we have taken a different approach in dealing with today's changes. We have integrated the latest technology into our workflow at the lab, trained our people to use the technology and ultimately provide the best product to the end customer.

We work with you, the professional photographer, in a way that empowers you to spend more time with your customers and prospective clients.

We see the equation this way:
Photographer + Portrait Express = More Time with Customers & Increased Sales/Profits

Portrait Express' full service model is the perfect compliment to your digital transformation in the school or sports photography business.